Roadrunner Mobile Vet

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Cave Creek, AZ 85331


In-Home Euthanasia

Initial Phone Consultation

-We will discuss your concerns and whether euthanasia sounds appropriate at this time or should we consider diagnostics and/or treatment first. Your pet's condition can seem more dire than it is and in some cases treatment is simple, effective, and affordable.

-If it seems like the time is right for euthanasia, we will discuss the options and costs in advance. The presented plans will include all associated costs for the travel, brief exam, injections, aftercare, and transportation of your pet to the cremation facility as appropriate.

The Appointment

-The euthanasia will be discussed and all your questions will be answered in advance.

-A sedative is given to reduce potential anxiety and discomfort in your pet; this typically takes effect in 5-10 minutes.

-In many cases, an IV catheter is placed after your pet is sedate.

-When everyone is ready, we will proceed with the euthanasia. This usually involves the injection of an anesthetic solution followed quickly by the euthanasia solution.

-The doctor will confirm that your pet has passed and then give you personal time alone with your pet.

-If we are providing aftercare, we will transport your pet to the cremation facility.

-Finally, we have experienced euthanasias with our own pets and understand the significance of these final steps you are taking with your pet, be assured we will treat your pet as we would our own.

Services and Fees

Euthanasia only (without aftercare) up to 70 lbs $300
Euthanasia & communal cremation1 up to 70 lbs $390
Euthanasia & individual cremation2 up to 70 lbs $495
Euthanasia & private cremation3 up to 70 lbs $575

(without euthanasia)
Communal cremation1 up to 70 lbs $210
Individual cremation2 up to 70 lbs $320
Private cremation3 up to 70 lbs $390

Additional Charges
Pets over 70 lbs  (euthanasia or aftercare) $50
Paw print $20
Fur clipping $5

1Communal cremation-  This option is for those who do not wish to have their pet’s ashes returned to them. Your pet will be cremated with a group of other pets at the same time with their own identification number. When the cremation process is complete, your pet's ashes will be respectfully interred at Mountain Meadows in Payson, Arizona.

2Individual cremation This option means that a group of pets (between 2 – 4) will be placed in a separate quadrant of the platform at one time and are not touching one another. Each pet is given their own identification number and your pet’s ashes will be returned to you.

3Private cremation-  This option means that only your pet will be placed on the platform at the time of the cremation. Your pet is given their own identification number and your pet’s ashes will be returned to you. A private cremation includes one clay paw print and one fur clipping upon request.