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Our Patients

Some of our favorite pictures

This album is a collection of our clients and their pets. Please provide us with a picture of your pet for us to include in our collection.

Miss Kitty

A concerned Miss Kitty gets her annual exam.

Handsome Moukie

Recovering from surgery


Buster has new friends today, he doesn't care about a little poke!

Suspicious Teddy!

From the look on his face you wouldn't guess that Ted is just there to keep Buster company.

Molly's brief encounter

Sadly, we only got to see Molly the one time because Molly's family was moving to Texas....on purpose.

Beautiful Bella

Bella set the tone, "Don't look at him and he'll go away!"

Copper was next...

"The left is my good side."

Then Floki...

"I don't know what the big deal is."

Talini brings up the rear

"Stop that! I'm ticklish!"

Gage, the big man!

Gage is a good old boy, generally easy going but he over did it. We started some anti-inflammatories and a couple weeks of rest. Keeping them quiet is always the hard part.

Sweet Aja

Aja was in no hurry, she had her shade and only 1 vaccine needle to deal with, she was willing to tolerate that. Look at that sweet face!

Blazin' around

Blaze could not wait for me to get started so he ran around the property for 10 minutes while I spoke to his dad. Now he's warmed up!